How I almost lost 8TB of data

If only I had listened to my brother, who was arguing for monitoring of the SMART states of all disks for quite some time, I had known much earlier that two of our four ZFS disks were slowly dieing. But sadly I was sticking to my old strategy: At one point a disk will die and then I’ll start replacing all disks.

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rappsIn the last two parts of this series I provided a overview of the new platform we built at over the last 1-2 year, now we are going to take a look at a few of the applications we deployed on it so far.

You can find out more about the hold project and it’s aims at


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shutterstock_70090078In this second part we are going to look at a few more infrastructure services which make the cluster setup we discussed in the last part a even more efficient platform for deploying all kinds of apps and services.


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legoThis is the first part of a three part series, in which I’m going to explain how one can build his own super dynamic cloud hosting platform with freely available open source software.

In this part we are going to take a look at the core components and the way they fit together.



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Votan: Water isn’t that bad afterall

hm, there are aspects of cold water I like, hint: it's not the water aspect

With themperatures above 30°C for several days now, at least one of my cat starts get more open mindedly towards the cold wet liquid – when I put a cold dripping wet towel on his back, he don’t trys to get rid of it, what he normaly does. It even looks like he walks extra carefully to not loos it and keeps it on his back for several minutes before it falls off.
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A easy way to solder pins to ESP8266 ESP-03

IMG_20150525_114337I’m not to experienced in soldering – I only just started a few months ago and still have a hard time with doing small components. So the first ESP-03 I tryed to get on a breadboard to play with was a bit of a mess. Althoug it worked in the end, each attached pin was a littel victory that needed several tries and I only attached the bare minimum of pins needed to get it running.

For my secound ESP-03 I came up with a neat technic that I like to share here.


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ws2812 LED Bar

IMG_20150516_060656Based on a transparent plastic tube (IKEA packaging material) I wanted to build some sort of a RGB light tube. First I was planing to tread the plastic with sandpaper to have some defusion of the light, but then I read somewhere that showercuirtains make good low-cost diffuser, ao I bought the cheapes one I can find.

To better distribut the light of the 5 RGB LEDs add some aluminium foil behind and below the LEDs and additionaly formed some pyramide-shaped pices out of paper and aluminium foil and put them between the leds.

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quick IKEA LED mod

Inside of a IKEA JANSJÖ

Inside of a IKEA JANSJÖ

To play around with my new chinese Arduino pro mini clones and WS2812b RGB LEDs,.. and since I like shaping IKEA stuff more individual, I opened up one of these IKEA JANSJÖ LEDs and replaced the whit LED for a WS2812b RGB LED.

Sadly the original 3w LED was offcourse way way brighter then the WS2812, so it’s only fun in the dark, but maybe I give it another shot when my 3w power RGB LEDs arrive.

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New found Electronic Enthusiasm and 10 Years Fluffypattern Blog

Sideview of the finished pice

Sideview of the finished pice

It’s been more than a Year since my last post here. Lots have happened since and again I discovered several new interests to dive in. Probably most notable for the Year past would be Bitcoin and Ethereum which quite heavily draw me in, in a intellectual sense.

But besides noting that this is the 10th Anniversary of my Blog (last Tuesday to be exact) I’m going to introduce my latest project in my next quick raising field of interest – Electronic Engineering Read the rest of this entry >>

Let Them Be What They Are

And again, the time has come to relive myself of unfinished workings by just calling them done. In November last year I started to put together a collection of tracks,.. or better snippets of nice ideas by then. Over the last months I worked a lot on this pices to become complete tracks and here are the first results:

As the title of the collection implies, there are 7 more pieces, which will maybe follow later on. At leas I hope that I get there, since two of the remaining tracks are really giving me a headache. They are beautiful as they are, but to short and I have no idea where to take them without compromising the initial thought.

I hope you enjoy this Part of the collection and would be happy to get some feedback. Or if anyone is interested in collaborating in any way, let me know.